Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revising "The Snoozer"

So, here's my lesson in revision, dear scholars. My blog post yesterday was a snoozer. It was me thinking aloud while disregarding my legion (lol) of followers (as if).

So, instead of editing it down, I'll attempt to make this a teachable moment, leaving the original snoozer in tact, and revising it for today (with a few editorial comments):

I've often said I'm a manic-depressive by trade. Teaching has extraordinary highs and staggering lows, often in the same day, sometimes in the same hour.  I'm finding this year to be no exception. So, today's extraordinary highs: (opening's not bad: will stay as is; but soon, I shall chop):

  • read my Freshman blogs today: they're funny, smart, oozing with voice. I'm excited about where this is going...
  • my Juniors were brainstorming and writing and helping each other come up with good ideas for college entrance essays. The flexible seating this year is incredibly conducive both independent work and collaboration. Every teacher and every student deserves this kind of space. 
And now for today's staggering lows, which are not exactly staggering (I tend to fixate on the negative):
  • my Sophomores were squirly. I had them go "old school" and write a shape poem - easier to do with pencil and paper than an iPad. But they weren't as engaged as with iPads in hand: less energy, less focus. I need to think more about this - is it that iPads are so engaging that students keep writing while pencil and paper are so two-thousand-and-late that they hang it up early? Maybe the music IS in the piano
  • my APES were heady today - smart stuff was uttered, but having ten more bodies in the room hampers discussion. I'm rushing them in order to hear from others. I have to figure out a way to cut this class in two or three or four chunks, so groups of 10 or 15 react within themselves instead of everyone vying for a voice. 
But now, this manic depressive needs sleep, and so, a bit more correcting and then, a well-earned pillow.
(Conclusion: this revision is only slightly less snooze-worthy than yesterday's original. Blogger lesson-of-the-day: perhaps a blog post is like a class period: some are rather brilliant, others rather snoozy, appropriate fair for a manic depressive).

Still, pillow earned.