Sunday, January 8, 2017

She's the Right Person for the Job if the Job is to Destroy Public Education

This month, I'll cut to the chase: short but not at all sweet---
Betsy DeVos is President Elect Trump’s nominee for United States Secretary of Education.
DeVos is an activist and millionaire donor in national efforts to divert public educational dollars away from public schools and toward for-profit corporations undermining the original intent of charter schools.
This is the woman set to lead public education in this country.
The charters DeVos advocates have little to no oversight as to the quality of the curriculum, credentials of the teachers, and which students they can deny enrollment. They are exempt from evaluation and monitoring requirements of public schools, many are rife with financial corruption, and many significantly underperform academically compared to their public school counterparts.
This is the woman set to lead public education in this country.
As Diane Ravitch, Department of Education appointee for both Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, said "If confirmed by the Senate—DeVos will become the most radical, anti-public-school education secretary since the Office of Education was established in 1867." 
This is the woman set to lead public education in this country.  
DeVos has never attended a public school, nor have her children. She has zero experience in public education as a student, teacher, or an administrator. She has no background or experience in curriculum or pedagogy.
This is the woman set lead public education in this country.
Imagine having a new boss at work. Now imagine that this new boss has no experience in your field whatsoever and this new boss has a track record of defunding and destroying companies she leads. Now imagine this work place is every public school in the country.  
This is what we’re dealing with.


1.  Educate yourself about Betsy DeVos:

2. Act, email, and call your Senators accordingly.

*The confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos is set to begin January 11, 2017.