Monday, September 5, 2011

iPads up and running...

I think I now have a taste of what it's like to be an I.T. person, or rather an I.T. Department. I spent about 40 hours the past 3 days getting my iPads up and running. BUT THEY ARE up and running : ) This entailed begging a coworker (thank you L) to put the iPad cart in his truck and bring it to my house. WIFI was once again not cooperating at school, and I knew the only way these would be up and running is if I used home WIFI. So there, at the dining room table, is where I spent the past three days with my 30 boyfriends (yes, I call my iPad, my boyfriend: that may as well be established up front).
A litany of snafus:
- codes to make me a volume app facilitator did not work (only after many phone calls and much trial and error).
- sync cart did not sync apps  (I could purchase on the macbook but had to download apps to each individual iPad).
- sync cart does not sync settings (I had to manually choose all settings on each iPad).
- sync cart does not organize apps (I had to make folders and move apps inside for each individual iPad).
This would be the equivalent of having no network at school. Each individual program would have to be loaded on each individual computer, as well as all settings.
Obviously there has got to be a better way (which I shall learn when the apple people show up) but I was determined to have these up and running on day 1, and so, they are.
At one point, I actually made my husband (my real boyfriend) repeat the following to me, so I could hear it and believe it:
"This will make you better with technology."
"This is going to move your kids ahead."
and he added:
"This will get easier."
And you wonder why I married this man? : )

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