Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm Still Grateful

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving; Yes, I’m a teacher in Wisconsin; Yes, I’m still grateful.
1. I get to teach kids. Ten more dubious initiatives can come down from DPI, twenty more from the Dept. of Ed, but every morning, I still get to walk into my room and teach kids.
2. I’m still growing. I just returned from the National Conference for English Teachers.  I presented with colleagues, learned from educators across the country, experienced the great city of Boston, AND got a huge hug from a student when I came back.
3. I have purpose. Some people make widgets. Some people sell widgets. Some people make laws about widgets, sue over widgets, find loopholes in widgets. But, as Christa McAuliffe said, “I touch the future, I teach.”
4. I’m never bored. I get to spend my days with dynamic, unpredictable, brilliant, quirky, moody, creative, wonderful kids. No two days are ever the same. I am never bored. How many people can say the same?
5. I am ageless. Teenagers, natural Botox for the soul.

Yes, I'm still grateful, very.

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